Business Gurú Jason Hope

Businessman Jason Hope has been there. He knows how hard it is to find yourself and break free from the chains of everyday life. Wanting to see others succeed is a natural reaction — as long as you don’t stop at just seeing them succeed as the business gurú points out. According to Jason Hope, there is nothing more inspiring than knowing someone else has successfully overcome their obstacles, overcoming your own challenges, and achieving success on their own.


The greatest benefits of seeing others succeed and inspiring others to do the same come when you look to them for inspiration and take their advice regardless of how impossible your situations may seem. Any successful businessman is an expert when it comes to confronting failure. You just might be able to find inspiration and knowledge in one of these five Jason Hope success stories:


  1. Jason Hoped Out of His Job

This young man had a dream he wanted to achieve at age 16 — that’s when he went out on his own and started his own business, selling tapes online. “I was hooking up with girls and talking about it during class,” he would later recount, “but no teacher said anything. They were too busy passing the time, the Angel Investor recalls, to ever offer me help.” Jason Hope´s business began to take off fairly quickly and he soon quit school to pursue an online business full-time.


Jason Hope on Crypto

Activist investor Jason Hope ended up making $1,000 a week while in high school. He continued selling tapes online and investing his earnings into a new venture — he purchased five laptops from eBay for $200 each and sold them for $500 each, as well as purchasing 50 external hard drives for $10 each and selling them for $50 apiece. Within months of making this purchase, his business was in full swing. By the next year, Jason Hope was producing thirty income-producing websites and hosting servers on his own terms.


  1. Jason Spent Ten Years with Boxcar

Jason Hope was a secondary school student in a rural town when he and his friend Troy saw a commercial on the local Channel 5 news, announcing that they were looking for musicians to come perform at their annual Christmas concert.