Tron Founder Justin Sun Says Crypto Should Learn From Tradition.

According to a recent Tron founder Justin Sun’s interview with Cointelegraph, he thinks crypto has said that crypto has the potential to be a global currency, but it needs to be used more in everyday life. It could also help its market cap grow, currently at $200 billion.

Justin Sun believes crypto needs more real-life use cases to become a global digital currency and achieve mainstream adoption. He says we need more use cases of cryptocurrency than it is used for trading and investment only. He is also happy that the number of transactions on the Tron network has increased significantly since last month.

Sun says there has been an increase of 300 percent in transaction volume since last month on the platform. However, he added that most of those transactions are currently related to exchanges or traders instead of regular users using the network for payments for real-world goods and services. The Tron founder believes this will change as soon as Tron gets listed on more exchanges like Bithumb and Huobi Pro later this year.

Justin Sun says that the Tron network has the potential to be integrated into more apps and platforms. He also predicted that his network would hit a transaction volume of 1 million daily transactions by the end of this year.

Sun said, “I think [crypto can learn something from traditional finance]. The first thing I did after opening it was to put in money, and then with my card, I could buy some goods at local stores. That’s exactly how cryptocurrency should be used for payments or buying goods directly.”

Justin Sun also said there is a lot of value in using currencies across borders without fees and delays. He added that it would help crypto become more mainstream if we could do that with crypto and fiat currency.

Sun said, “I think what we’re doing is unique, and it could become the new standard for a decentralized internet.” The CEO of Tron is confident that his network will take over Ethereum.”