ElectrifAi on the Advantages of Machine Learning

Managing companies by different CEOs is currently facing several challenges. Making choices has become difficult. The rate at which inflation is rising is very high. The rise in commodity prices is being fanned by rising food prices, energy costs, and the Fed’s stimulative policies. The result is that approximately 115 million Americans are experiencing dipping wages by 4%. In addition, there is a decline in disposable income and a rise in inventories. The demands show signs of weakness, necessitating efforts to establish sustainable solutions. CEOs and CFOs have to engage in thoughtful conversation and find solutions that will enhance sustainability. ElectrifAi will be happy to be part of these conversations.

Proper use of data will present a great opportunity in dealing with the emerging challenge. There is a massive generation of unstructured and structured data across many companies. However, despite the efforts, tapping opportunities in line with data could be higher. The C-suite must develop a comprehensive understanding of the power associated with data. Their perception of data has categorized it as complex and remote. However, is that the case? In the present day, ElectrifAi has established that applying natural language and sentiment processing on operations within the call center has become easy. These operations have been critical in enhancing customer experience. The ability to quickly resolve calls and embrace high satisfaction levels has boosted the experience.

The CEOs and board management have to develop an understanding of these changes. They need to work with ElectrifAi and understand the advantages that have come with machine learning. This understanding will allow them to use the systems in running their organizations. Computer vision is one of the machine learning products. The product has made work easier for manufacturers of goods with high value. The cameras easily detect product defects, eliminating the costs of producing scrap goods. Literacy of the fundamental technologies has to be a priority for the CEOs and board members in different organizations.

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