Reeve Benaron Launches Artezio Inc.

Reeve Benaron is the founder and CEO of AUDIENCEX. The firm builds audio, video and voice-recognition software solutions for digital devices.  He has been awarded multiple prizes by the MIT Technology Review for his pioneering work in speech technology.


Following up on his career, the business and healthcare expert entered the profession in the early 2000s and has worked as an engineer for various companies, including Logitech and AMD (AMD). Reeve Benaron oversaw product development for items used by millions of people throughout the world. In 2005, Benaron made a pivotal move in his career by entering the startup industry. 


He helped start several digital companies, including Kanvus, which developed a suite of mobile applications to facilitate better communication between mobile device owners. He also helped create Artezio Inc. with two other close friends. Reeve Benaron explains that Artezio Inc., founded in 2012 and headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is an organization that focuses on mobile communication. 


The company is now developing mobile applications to streamline communication, improve users’ quality of life, and increase their output. Intending to create voice-recognition technology that is both smart and intuitive to use, he founded AUDIENCEX in 2012. Reeve Benaron claims this means better accuracy, recognition of more dialects, and a more flexible timetable for the user rather than the other way around. Benaron studies the human vocal system.


Benaron’s efforts in this space have been applauded. Recent (2014) recognition from MIT Technology Review places him in the magazine’s list of the Top 10 Young Innovators under the Age of 35 (Cbinsights). 

In addition to being recognized as an inventor by MIT, technology investor and entrepreneur Steve Blank called Benaron one of the year’s ten most promising entrepreneurs (MIT). He also serves as a mentor to budding entrepreneurs and is active in the angel investing community. Reeve Benaron has supported many millions of dollars into three of the startups he has mentored so far. The San Francisco Bay Area is home to Reeve Benaron, his wife Miriam Weintraub, and their son David.