Marwan Kheireddine Has Been Forthright about the Changes He Would Make to the Economy of Lebanon.

While many crises are destroying the Lebanese economy, Marwan Kheireddine feels there is hope if the proper steps are taken now. The banker feels that it may be possible to rebuild the country with new international trade agreements and a new outlook toward foreign investment. Kheireddine said, “The past decade of civil war has left Lebanon with a legacy of corruption, mismanagement, and waste. The country has no functioning government and cannot address its population’s pressing problems.”

The banking expert Marwan Kheireddine has also propounded the banking sector. The industry has seen a decline recently, with many financial institutions closing their doors and others struggling to stay afloat. The Lebanese banker says that banks can be brought back to life if put on the right track. He adds that banks should be allowed to open branches all over Lebanon instead of being confined to certain areas. As such, the thought leader claims that it’s unfair and only serves specific individuals or groups who have gained preferential treatment from the government. View full information here

The Lebanese banker adds that he’s identified many opportunities in the technology sector and believes it could be the answer to Lebanon’s problems. Regarding the current crisis, Kheireddine has said: “The Lebanese economy is in a crisis. The Syrian war has caused the collapse of industry, tourism, and agriculture. We are suffering from an economic war with Israel and paying dearly for it.”

He has argued that a more robust economy could help the Lebanese people grow and that the country can become a global leader if it does. In a video interview with In These Times, Kheireddine reiterated his claim that the current economic situation in Lebanon is a reflection of the whole of the region.

Marwan Kheireddine has also argued that the only way for Lebanon to become a global leader is if it adopts a “neoliberal” model of business investment. In a post on Medium, Kheireddine explained that a neoliberal model is a form of economic restructuring that allows businesses to “make more money” by investing in technologies and products that are not yet proven profitable.