Krishen Iyer Starts New Firm

When you are a successful entrepreneur it seems that you are always looking for the next or newest opportunity. That is the case with businessman Krishen Iyer. After graduating college at San Diego State University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration and Urban Development he began a career in insurance sales. Krishen Iyer also managed lead sales and specialized in helping create traffic for other insurance distribution centers. 


Krishen Iyer focused on marketing insurance related products, sales and services. Thereafter, the successful CEO formed his own company using his experience in the insurance sales field to help other insurance companies market their services while providing them with full service consulting in the process. As many entrepreneurs do, he then sold this company at the height of its success.

He later started a new one as he pursued new and exciting opportunities he saw in the marketplace. Krishen Iyer started MAIS Consulting and became its Founder and Chief Executive Officer. MAIS Consulting provides consulting services for insurance companies that need help with marketing, contracts, policy and strategic growth. Using his years of experience in the field Krishen Iyer has successfully transferred the skills he previously learned and applied successfully into a new business that serves others in insurance and helps them achieve the success he has had.