How Cloud Inventory Provides Integration With Salesforce

Data Systems International, a leading provider of Cloud Inventory management solutions, announced that it has partnered with Salesforce to offer Field Inventory applications that can easily be integrated with the CRM platform. These applications will allow users to capture and manage accurate data on the equipment and tools used in the field. The company is a cloud-based software provider that offers various CRM services and enterprise applications.

Through this partnership, Data Systems International can provide its Field Inventory applications to Salesforce users, which will allow them to manage the various aspects of their field operations. These applications will allow them to capture and manage accurate data on the equipment and tools used in the field.

Field Inventory is a mobile app that enables Salesforce users to issue service orders and track the status of their work orders. Field technicians can also use it to complete or update the status of their work orders. With this integration, the data collected by the app can be easily accessed by the CRM system. Mark Goode, the president and CEO of DSI, noted that the company’s partnership with Salesforce would allow its customers to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their field operations.

Through the integration of Field Inventory, users will be able to meet the needs of their customers more effectively. With the ability to track and manage the equipment and tools used in the field in real-time, this partnership will allow Salesforce users to improve their efficiency and effectiveness in their field operations.

What to Know About DSI

DSI’s Cloud Inventory management solutions provide organizations with real-time visibility into their entire supply chain. Through its mobile-first approach, the company’s team of experts can deliver customized solutions that meet the needs of today’s businesses.

The Salesforce

With the Salesforce platform, businesses can connect with their customers and manage their entire sales and marketing operations from one place. See this article for more information.


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