Hughes Marino on Investment Opportunities

As a tenant- and buyer representation firm, Hughes Marino’s expertise is in lease accounting, leasing, sales, and management. The buyer and tenant representation firm has been serving San Diego since 2011 and has handled thousands of square feet of property transactions exclusively for tenants and buyers. Most of Hughes Marino’s clients are national and international corporations.


Hughes Marinos’s typical clients benefit from the hundreds of transactions they have helped with over the years. These, including, but not limited to: transitions and acquisitions of big tenants, portfolio leasing, lease renegotiations and restructuring, retail sales, and purchases, anchor store openings and store expansions for local business owners. 


They have handled some high-profile tenant representation deals. We understand that in pursuing success, sometimes one must take risks. We know that taking risks can be difficult, but we cannot express enough our confidence in our ability to execute any project at all levels. In fact, at Hughes Marino we have the reputation and experience necessary to confidently manage your project and serve you with a top level of professionalism and distinction.


You will find Hughes Marino buyer and tenant rep services beneficial for your company and San Diego businesses seeking a sale or lease of vacant space for their use. Hughes Marino started as a solo idea, but the firm has grown successfully because of its unique system for identifying opportunities.


Hughes is a subject matter expert in the industry and has achieved a 100% success rate in all transactions. At Hughes Marino, they will discuss rates, terms, structures, and additional methods. These, to finance the properties we helped lease or buy on behalf of clients, depending on the specific situation and defined end goal. A lot of negotiation goes into discussing all the details involved in each transaction from beginning to end.