André Des Rochers: An Experienced Entertainment Legal Practitioner

The Beverly Hills and New York-based lawyer André Des Rochers is a reputable legal practitioner for entertainment and sports professionals. Des Rochers has in-depth legal knowledge in negotiating, structuring, and executing legal matters. He works for clients within the music, film and Tv sectors. The legal services cover music publishing, podcast, fashion, live event, digital media, and endorsement. He represents the following: 


  • Writers
  • Production companies
  • Directors
  • Producers 
  • Actors
  • Filmmakers
  • Screenwriters
  • Athletes
  • Designers


André Des Rochers focuses on protecting his client’s intellectual property as he also empowers them with strategic legal advice based on their needs within the sector. Due to his abilities and legal experience, André Des Rochers continues to make a significant impact by solving multiple needs for his clients in the entertainment and media industries. 


Des is passionate about providing focused and strategic legal counsel to clients within the area. He utilizes a dynamic approach to provide his clients with top-notch results. Successful attorney André Des Rochers fosters gender, sexual orientation, and ethnicity and works towards uplifting communities within his service areas. 

This attorney is always at the forefront of closing numerous high-profile deals for his clients. One of the most rewarding dreams that Des had was working with a team of lawyers with expertise in the areas of his specialization. To date, André Des Rochers has several talented lawyers that offer varying legal expertise from different backgrounds. These lawyers can handle all legal needs within the