Hughes Marino Helps Customers Develop and Locate Great project management Possibilities

Jason (CEO): We know that you need the best project management representation when you want it, and we aim to provide that. Our tailored services can be ordered online or in person. We hope you’ll consider our service and choose our firm as your go-to source for commercial project management services. Hughes Marino is focused on keeping clients growing and prospering, with team-based representation and single turnkey accountability responsibility. 


Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm has been featured in best-selling leadership books, business journals, and Entrepreneur. They are recognized as a company that provides value to its clients. This is done through its team of technical experts who work with the tenant and owner-user communities to provide residents with detailed information, support services, and opportunities for voice in the community. 

These include: 

  • Representation by Hughes Marino as a single turnkey point of accountability 
  • Support during the entire project management process, from space selection to building and property management 
  • Extensive experience in the hardwood flooring and insulation market
  • Representation by Hughes Marino as a single turnkey point of accountability when it comes to project management construction management 
  • Support during the entire project management construction management process

This is done through a team of professional advisors who work simultaneously with the tenant, owner-user, and business owner-user teams. This allows for prompt and accurate feedback, including when changes or deviations from the plan may cause problems. 


Since its inception, Hughes Marino buyer and tenant representation firm has helped businesses of all sizes take advantage of new project management opportunities and grow in all aspects of their business. The firm operates in the following two markets for its clients: city blocks in the heart of the American South and the East Coast; and Multifamily Housing Units in The Zone, New York City, London’s Tenderloin.

This is done through our service model, which includes comprehensive health and safety certification and a variety of other requirements that go along with being a full-service commercial project management company. The company’s turnkey service model ensures that all clients need only contact Hughes Marino for everything from initial property analysis to follow-up after the sale. This allows businesses to focus on their goals and not worry about something potential clients may or may not be interested in.