Damien Granderson Transforming Music Industry Deals

Over the past years, the law has diversified to include every sector. How can a lawyer practice in the entertainment industry? Like other sectors, the music industry involves contract writing between the artist and a record label or the artist and a brand during marketing campaigns. 


 Damien Granderson Brief Biography


Damien Granderson is an entertainment lawyer who graduated from Albany Law school in 2003. His first work in the entertainment industry was at Koch Entertainment Company, where he served as the legal counsel. 


Later, he met his best friend and business partner, Guy Blake, when discussing a distribution contract. At the time, Guy Blake worked with Davis Shapiro Lewit & Hayes. When their friendship kicked off with a great start, Damien and Blake invested in their firm, the Granderson Des Rochers


 The Success Story of Granderson Des Rochers


When establishing the Granderson Des Rochers, both founders envisioned that an artist would access a team of lawyers with a unique but diverse skillset to cater to their needs. If an artist wanted to draft a contract with a record label or organizers, they would get a lawyer with specialized expertise in that sector (Instagram). 


If they needed a lawyer to negotiate brand deals, they would get one with that specific skill set. It’s been three years of operation for the Granderson Des Rochers and is currently led by Damien Granderson. They have worked with big names in the music industry during this time, like Asap Rocky, Nicki Minaj, Neyo, J-Cole, and J Balvin. Additionally, they have trained fresh law graduates who are now experts in their fields.