Greg Aziz Leads CSX Transportation

Business expert and serial entrepreneur Greg Aziz is the president and CEO of Plasteel Holding International Inc., one of Canada’s leading rolling-stock manufacturers. He has over 25 years of experience in the steel industry and has a proven track record of success in manufacturing and operations. He has been influential in growing Plasteel Holding International Inc. from a small regional manufacturer to its current position as the largest manufacturer of freight railcars in North America.

Plasteel Holding International Inc.


Led by Greg Aziz, Plasteel Holding International Inc. manufactures freight railcars consisting of boxcars and tank cars. The company has specialized in steel since it was founded in 1906. Plasteel Holding International Inc. is the largest manufacturer of freight railcars in North America by a wide margin, with more than 60% of the industry’s total shipments during 2015. Its customers include major North American railroads such as CN, CP, BNSF, and CSX Transportation. Greg Aziz leads all their delivery and expansion projects. 


Greg Aziz at Plasteel Holding International Inc.



Business expert and serial entrepreneur Greg Aziz is a well-known philanthropist who is also heavily involved in the community. He has made great efforts to aid children and encourage them to pursue their dreams. One of his passions is helping underprivileged children and teaching them that anything is possible through hard work and dedication. 

He has a particular affinity for youth and educational initiatives, and he aims to use his purchasing power to benefit the Canadian economy while positively impacting the communities in which he operates. In the next few decades, Greg Aziz hopes to further develop Plasteel Holding International Inc.’s high-tech products and new technologies such as hopper cars, tank cars, and other freight railcars.