An Inside Look On IM Academy’s Strategies

IM Academy is a digital-learning based platform that works to teach on trading information. The academy was formed in 2013 to provide digital education on forex. It was founded by two entrepreneurs, Christopher Terry and Isis De La Torre. Their vision was to create a platform where people could access information on forex training. The platform also helps both skilled and unskilled forex traders become experts.

The academy prides itself in its strategies. The strategies help students achieve profitability within a short period of time. The strategies can be used on by students as they learn their courses. They can also be paid for separately from the courses. IM educators also teach students how to use the strategies during the live sessions.

FRX Harmonics

This strategy is used while trading in foreign currency exchange. Harmonics allow students to have an upper advantage in high probability markets. It also allows traders to work well with market patterns.


IM Academy trades on Bounceback strategy to help students move through the turning points in the market. It also acts as a tool that helps students to become precise in delivery of choice in market positions.


The Vibrata strategy is a great necessity to any IM Academy student. This is because it allows students to know a great way to navigate different trading methods. The advantage of this strategy is that it comes along with different additional strategies.

Moneyflow is a strategy that allows traders to move through turning points like the Bounceback strategy. Index infusion is another strategy that helps students make right choices on market reversals. Hyperscalper allows students to use price action to their favorability.

DCX Harmonics

This strategy helps students to learn trading skills using math and pattern analysis. It also allows students to get advantage in volatile markets in forex markets. Additionally, it helps in giving an upper advantage in the digital currency markets. Refer to this channel on YouTube, for more information.


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