Wayne von Borstel recap

Wayne von Borstel has been recognized by Barron’s as a top financial advisor since 2009 and has had over 25 years of experience as a successful financial advisor. He is also the founder of Von Boestel & Associates.

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The Von Borstel Western Foundation, founded by Wayne von Borstel, is a non-profit organization that assists underprivileged children, young adults, and their families by providing them with food, clothing, medical attention, and necessities. Its mission is to financially help individuals who are not eligible for government assistance and require financial aid. There is no “good” reason for people to go hungry or be homeless. Without passing judgment, every attempt will be taken to assist people in need. The charity will aid anybody who asks for assistance; it does not specifically target any demographic.

Wayne von Borstel has worked with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department and the Court Clerk’s office to help several people obtain a place to live. He served on the Pulaski County Children & Family Services Board as a board member before being named chairman of the finance committee. Additionally, he has served on the Rocking Horse Ranch Board of Directors.

Wayne von Borstel has worked with organizations such as the National Association of Independent Living Centers, The State of Alabama Finance Authority, The United Way, Casa de Los Angelos Inc., The Salvation Army, and more. His other profession has included being the president of several businesses in Pulaski County. He is also the founder of Voluntary Action for Pulaski County, Inc. (VAPC).

In Von Borstel’s opinion, working together is the best approach to improving the quality of life for all Western Alabamans. “Even the tiniest actions have a profound impact.” Everyone has the power to improve the lives of others, in his opinion. The Wayne von Borstel Foundation will keep giving back to the community by supporting initiatives that improve people’s lives.