Quattro Development’s Expansive Reach: A Look at Their Latest U.S. Ventures

In the dynamic world of real estate development, adaptability and innovation are essential for success. Quattro Development, a small-shop build-to-suit real estate company headquartered in Oak Brook, Illinois, has made its mark across the United States since its inception in 2008. With a unique approach that extends its influence far beyond its local market, Quattro Development has completed projects in an impressive 31 states, reaffirming its position as a national player in the real estate arena.

A Vision for National Expansion

Co-founders Rob Walters and Michael Liyeos established Quattro Development with a clear objective: to become the premier net lease developers in America. Their strategy involves partnering with national retailers and operators to facilitate their expansion throughout the country. Over the years, this approach has attracted high-profile clients such as Chipotle, Chick-fil-a, and Guidepost Montessori, elevating Quattro Development to a prominent position in the industry.

Rather than constantly seeking new clients for each project, Walters and Liyeos have chosen a more strategic path. They prefer to work with a select group of clients across state lines, allowing them to apply consistent strategies nationwide while tailoring solutions to suit local contexts when necessary. This approach sets them apart as a developer with a national footprint but a localized touch.

Quattro Development’s recent accomplishments include the sale of a multi-tenant development in Statesville, North Carolina, for $4.6 million. This space now hosts Chipotle, AFC Urgent Care, and The Joint Chiropractic, a remarkable transformation from its previous life as a Ruby Tuesday restaurant. Through collaboration with local contractors, Quattro Development successfully redeveloped the property, capitalizing on suburban growth and strategic location.

A Notable Feat in Lynwood, Washington

Another proud achievement for the co-founders is the sale of a redeveloped site in Lynwood, Washington, for $9.2 million. The company converted an 11,200-square-foot multi-tenant retail center into a freestanding Guidepost Montessori building. Despite the challenges posed by rising interest rates and competitive markets, this accomplishment exemplifies Quattro Development’s ability to identify opportunities and bring them to fruition.

The Thriving Partnership with Guidepost Montessori

One of Quattro Development’s most significant collaborations is with Guidepost Montessori, a national Montessori school for children. Quattro Development handles both redevelopment and build-to-suit projects for Guidepost, further expanding their portfolio. This partnership has resulted in the sale of various properties in different locations across the United States, demonstrating the company’s capacity for nationwide growth.

Despite its small team of just ten members, Quattro Development has a remarkable presence across the nation. This remarkable feat is attributed to their forward-thinking strategies and an evolving partnership with Guidepost Montessori. Walters and Liyeos have reinvested profits to expand their team and increase their capacity, not only for more Guidepost projects but also to welcome new clients.

While build-to-suit projects remain their core focus, Quattro Development is not averse to exploring new opportunities in a competitive and evolving real estate market. Recent endeavors include the acquisition of a car wash property in Bradenton, Florida. This unique purchase reflects their willingness to adapt and invest strategically for long-term returns.

A Vision for the Future

As they continue to build Quattro Development for the long haul, Walters and Liyeos envision a company that evolves beyond their own leadership. Their goal is to empower their employees to take on leadership roles and to see the company grow into something greater than themselves. It’s a win-win scenario for employees, clients, and the future of Quattro Development.