How Did Yanni Hufnagel Go From Basketball Coach To CEO Of Lemon Water?

Yanni Hufnagel grew up living and breathing sports. However, he only lasted one season as the assistant basketball for the University of Nevada. So, what was next for Hufnagel?

After watching the poor drinking habits of athletes, he knew there had to be something better than the sports drinks loaded with sugars and artificial flavors and colors. One day, he met a store owner who was a big basketball fan. The store owner gave Yanni Hufnagel a copy of his Keto diet book. One recipe in the book was for lemon water. Lemon Perfect was born.

Lemon Perfect is made from organic lemon juice that goes through a triple filtering process. The drink has no sugar; they sweeten it with stevia and only five calories per bottle. It contains a daily serving of vitamin C. The beverage is suitable for adults and children. Since it does not contain caffeine, it can be drunk day and night.

In 2019, BevNet named Lemon Perfect’s Lemon Water the best new product. In 2021, Lemon Perfect quadrupled its revenue to $21 million, and by the end of this year, Hufnagel is projecting a 100 percent revenue growth.

Yanni HufnagelHufnagel credits the fact there are no beverages on the market like Lemon Perfect’s waters. Also, the healthy drink has a price point almost everyone can afford. However, he had some unexpected help along the way.


Beyoncé Knowles-Carter was photographed in her limo with a bottle of Lemon Perfect, and the picture went viral. Roughly a year after the photo was taken, Knowles-Carter joined the team of Lemon Perfect as an investor. Knowles-Carter stated it was a simple decision to invest in something that tastes great, healthy, affordable, and available to all who want a healthy drink alternative.