Gretchen Robinson: VP and General Counsel at Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation

Gretchen Robinson is the current Chief Executive and Chief Legal of Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation (RIOC). On September 6, 2019, she officially began her role as a member of the RIOC executive team after being selected for the position. Robinson serves as General Attorney for RIOC, providing legal representation to the executive committee, the Executive Director, and all other departments.

Robinson’s resume includes several years of employment across the legal and government sectors. She formerly held the position of assistant solicitor general for New York, where she represented the state in environmental and health protection disputes. She also has a background working as a private practice ecological law attorney.

The State of New York has tasked the Roosevelt Island Operating Company (RIOC) with the responsibility of developing and administering Roosevelt Island, a small island in the East River in the middle of New York City. The Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation oversees infrastructure maintenance, public transportation, and safety for the island’s population.

During Robinson’s tenure at RIOC, the Entrance Pavilion and Green Roof at Jack McManus Field were constructed better to serve the needs of the venue’s patrons. She has also been instrumental in managing the Roosevelt Island Public Purpose Fund, which gives grants to local charities.

Outside her work at RIOC, Robinson has significantly contributed to the locality. She is on the executive boards of the New York City Bar Organizations’ Environmental Policy Division and the Roosevelt Island Disabled Society. The American and New York State Bar Association are two of her professional organizations of choice.

As a result of careful time management, Robinson can pursue her interests outside of work. She has traveled extensively, visiting several places throughout the world. As a form of relaxation, she enjoys reading and hiking.

Overall, the quality of life for all Roosevelt Island residents and visitors has improved dramatically because of Gretchen Robinson’s work at RIOC. Her extensive background in law and government and her active participation in several local organizations make her a valuable addition to the RIOC’s executive team and demonstrate her dedication to giving back to the city she calls home.