Doug Haynes

DoughDoug Haynes is a hedge fund manager who has been in the industry for over 30 years and is also an accomplished business advisor. He currently manages the Council Advisors, formerly G100, and President of The Council. Doug graduated at the top of his class in mechanical engineering from West Virginia University and attended the Darden graduate school of business. Before focusing on hedge funds and companies, he was a software engineer for the Central Intelligence Agency who leapt to design engineering and marketing at GE Plastics.

Doug Haynes has advised top executives of companies in the public and private sectors. Most recently, he served as president of Point 72 Asset Management, one of the premier hedge fund firms. In his four-year tenure at this firm, the restated performance beat competitors, restored the founder’s SEC license and raised its most significant single round of capital to date. In his 20 years before this job at McKinsey Consulting, Doug Haynes reached high positions in his career path.

He is passionate about poverty, veteran support, and education. He has been involved with various charitable organizations, including The Center for Global Enterprise, a not-for-profit dedicated to promoting the effective leadership of global businesses. The Robin hood foundation in New York and camp southern ground in Georgia, CHAINIQ, a Swiss logistic provider. FRISQ, a Swedish health information service provider, Vega factor and Obsidian Asset Management, a commercial real estate investment resource providing research and expertly vetted investment opportunities… He was a board member and advisor at Singtel Corporation, the Darden Graduate School of Business, Villanova University, the Canterbury school and Randolph Macon Academy.

Dough and his wife Laurice are parents to 5 adult children and run The Fountain Inn, a bed and breakfast in his former main street home located at the junction of West Lane and Main Street. The inn’s location has a rich history and offers guests a peek into historic accommodations with modern conveniences. Located at the intersection of West Lane and Main Street, it was constructed in 1740. The inn has retained many original home elements that give it an authentic feel.