Doug Haynes

Dough HaynesDoug Haynes, president of The Council, is an advisor to top executives of private and public enterprises, a speaker, and an author. Mr. Haynes’ combination of leadership and strategic capabilities with hands-on experience working in both the public and private sectors has given him unique insights into how best to meet organizational challenges in today’s rapidly changing global marketplace. Mr. Haynes serves as a member of the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta Community Affairs Board, is a trustee at Mercer University, is on the Board of Directors for United Way Worldwide, and is involved with several not-for-profit organizations.

  1. Career

Haynes joined The Council in September of 2013, bringing a unique combination of business acumen and strategic thinking with proven experience in public and private sector management. Before joining The Council, Mr. Haynes was the vice president for global government affairs at Novo Nordisk, Senior Vice President for External Affairs at Telia Company, and respectively served as Senior Vice President of Government Relations at Smith & Nephew Americas, Inc. and as Vice President at Smith & Nephew U.S., Inc.

  1. Plinathropy

Mr. Haynes’s 20 years of experience with senior executives on both the public and private sides has helped him work with many of the world’s leaders on essential management issues that face the public and private sectors today. As a senior advisor to executives, Mr. Haynes helps them develop teams and strategies for long-term viability, growth, and sustainability. He is also a motivational speaker and offers insight from his experiences as a candidate, elected official, and government executive. Mr. Haynes has served in presidential, gubernatorial, and U.S. Senate staff positions for the Office of Congressman Jack Kemp (R-NY), Senator Phil Gramm (R-TX), Senator Connie Mack III (R-FL), Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL) and President George H.W. Bush.

3 Work experience

Doug Haynes previously served as vice president for government relations at Novo Nordisk, Inc., Senior Vice President of Government Relations at Smith & Nephew Americas, and vice president of government relations at Smith & Nephew U.S., Inc.