Doug Haynes

DoughFor Douglas Haynes, the human factor is just as vital to success’s technical and functional aspects. His management consulting experience has shown him that building lasting client relationships is essential to achieving sustainable results. He knows that if he can build strong business relationships, he can help his clients achieve their goals.

Doug Haynes provides advice to corporate clients through The Council’s President position and as an advisor to the organization’s Advisory Board. Before starting The Council, Haynes led the nation’s largest publicly traded investment company, serving as president during one of its most successful periods. His track record includes stints at McKinsey & Company, where he was a senior partner in New York City, and as chairman and CEO of the computer hardware company Digital Equipment Corporation. At DEC, Haynes engineered a turnaround that increased profitability and stockholder value. Before joining McKinsey, Haynes worked for Hewlett Packard, developing database applications and managing teams of engineers.

Haynes’ knowledge of technology helped him develop skills useful in management consulting. After graduating summa cum laude with a business administration degree, he worked in engineering and software development roles. In addition to technical expertise, Haynes also gained experience in team leadership and project management.

Doug Haynes claims he was born into a family of modest means; however, he grew up in a very influential environment that provided him with excellent opportunities. His parents taught him how to persevere through setbacks and challenges and encouraged him to pursue his goals. From an early age, he observed his parents’ unwavering commitment to integrity, honesty and hard work. He learned that if he worked hard and remained committed to those values, he would succeed. By following these values and acting ethically, he achieved great success.

Haynes readily acknowledges technological developments that enable easy remote working options. However, he enjoys face-to-face meetings with business partners. In an age where everything can be done remotely, nothing can be accomplished without face-to-face meetings; the same goes for working with clients, customers or colleagues. Whether it’s a matter of building rapport or simply establishing trust, physical proximity fosters collaboration better than any virtual communication tool.