Academy of Art University Students Step Up Their Game By Giving A Newly Formed Company A Helping Hand

Students at the Academy of Art University love to be challenged, and they love opportunities to showcase their skills. During the late 2020s, students from the university worked together on a task to help Stellantis. The company that was forged out of a merger of two other auto industry companies was looking to brand itself in a new way. More specifically, Stellantis hoped that these students could help promote it as a sustainable company that cares about the environment and social causes.

The Academy of Art University students had to do this online as was customary during the pandemic. This seemed like it would be a great challenge, but it was the kind of work that these students hungered for. Students from different departments came together to work on this campaign, which also included students from the School of Interaction & UX/UI Design. Click here to learn more.

In order to create a branding campaign that was successful, the Academy of Art University students pooled their ideas together and then began to make them a reality. They first got to work coming up with various themes they could center focus on, which were aligned with the mission of Stellantis. Next, they put together a number of teams to work on each theme. Stellantis offered feedback during this process, which proved to be very helpful for the project.

The Academy of Art University is full of students who come from many diverse backgrounds, and this was very helpful during the work they did with Stellantis. One of the students from the School of Interior Architecture commented that it helps designers to grow when they are able to talk about their differing points of view. The beauty of the project was that Stellantis was able to access the fresh ideas that came from these students while the students were able gain some experience working on a real project for a real company.