Tieks: The Perfect Union of Fashion and Philanthropy

At the intersection of high fashion and social impact stands an innovative brand, Tieks. Under the
dynamic leadership of CEO Kfir Gavrieli, Tieks has not only transformed itself into a
household name for stylish, comfortable ballet flats but also a beacon of
philanthropic efforts. 

Tieks was launched as an online-only brand in 2008, shaking the foundations of traditional retail.
Gavrieli’s approach was revolutionary, positioning Tieks as a
direct-to-consumer offering, breaking the traditional model of retail
partnerships. This strategy has allowed the brand to carve out a unique niche
in the fashion space, prioritizing comfort, fit, style, and quality construction. 

An essential aspect of Tieks’ success lies in its expansive selection. With more than 70 unique prints and patterns,
and regular drops of limited-edition shoes, Gavrieli ensures Tieks continually
engage their fans. This strategy has fostered a strong community around the
brand and enhanced customer loyalty. 

However, the Tieks story doesn’t end with innovative strategies and commercial success. Kfir
Gavrieli’s commitment to social responsibility is deeply woven into the brand’s
fabric. The Gavrieli Foundation, established by Gavrieli, focuses primarily on
empowering women entrepreneurs across the globe. The organization partners with
Kiva, a micro-lending platform, and has become its single largest lender. This
collaboration has already supported over 60,000 women with loans totaling over $10 million. 

Tieks and Kfir Gavrieli’s philanthropic work doesn’t stop there. The brand has extended efforts to
provide aid during global crises. Whether it’s auctioning off limited-edition
Tieks for refugee fundraising or launching campaigns to combat antisemitism,
Gavrieli’s commitment to making an impact is unwavering. 

In the end, Tieks and Kfir Gavrieli embody a business model that seamlessly integrates commercial
success with social impact. Their journey demonstrates that the world of
fashion can contribute significantly to global well-being without compromising
on style and quality. See related link for additional information. 


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