George Soros’ Career Is Not Slowing Down Anytime Soon

In many quarters, the name George Soros is identical with philanthropy. Soros has always been on the frontline fighting for justice and equality in all political systems across the world. Financial analysts estimate that George Soros has contributed over $10 billion to charities and individuals who are marginalized. His charities have always agitated for governments and communities to observe human rights of civilians and immigrants. In advanced democracies, George Soros’ funding has enabled many civil rights organizations to mobilize the resources they require to agitate for policy changes. George Soros has been on the frontline in advocating for equality among individuals of the society. Through the billionaire’s funds, most institutions have acquired the financial muscle they require to promote the adoption of laws that are fair to groups such as sex workers and more information click here.

George Soros’ commitment to social justice has boosted cohesiveness in societies that were initially discriminative to groups such as sex workers and immigrants. One thing that separates George Soros from other business leaders is his passion for the development of active organizations. George Soros has traveled far and wide to ensure that human rights are upheld by governments and institutions. His voice has always encouraged many individuals to keep agitating for change. Some of the groups that George Soros has helped nurture have grown into large organizations with agendas that seek to bring change in the society and what George Soros knows.

George Soros’ extensive involvement in activism is as a result of his childhood experiences. When Soros was young, he came face to face with human brutality. He suffered the Nazi occupation, and his parents had to devise tricks for them to survive. When the war came to an end, George Soros moved to the UK where he got an opportunity to enroll into the London School of Economics and George’s lacrosse camp.

After trying his hands on several odd jobs in London, he relocated to the United States. His dreams of becoming one of the biggest businessmen on Wall Street began to take shape. He put in the hours of hard work to become a vice president and manager of a hedge fund. By the dawn of 1970, George Soros had already established himself as an investment guru.

Because George Soros succeeded in a field where not so many do, the billionaire decided to play his role in making the world a better place. He is the proprietor of the George Soros Foundation. The fortune George Soros made in the field of investment has been appropriated to the Open Societies Foundations to ensure that the lives of the average person are enhanced. George Soros believes that for the world to become a better place, individuals must work round the clock to ensure that governments become transparent and accountable.

Dentist Avi Weisfogel: Helping Sleep Patients Using Dentistry

With a growing number of people having problems getting adequate sleep, the work of dentist Avi Weisfogel in using dental technologies to help people sleep better takes on more importance. About 8 hours of sleep is recommended for most people to enjoy optimal health and feel rejuvenated. Without it people’s health and appearance begin to deteriorate. The corners of their mouths may droop, their eyelids may sag and dark circle appear around the eyes. Without enough sleep, the average person will begin to look and feel exhausted. This can have a negative impact on their personal and professional life.

Hair loss, memory problems, depression, falls and more frequent accidents may also be caused by a lack of sleep. Cuts and scrapes may take longer to heal and people’s immune system becomes less effective in protecting them from colds, flues and other illnesses when they are not sleeping enough at night. This can be particularly severe for people with breathing related sleep disorders like sleep apnea. Often sufferers have puffiness around their eyes, poor blood flow, a dull complexion, wrinkles and dry, sagging skin because they do not get enough rest for the body to heal and replenish itself.

For over 20 years, Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been using dentistry to help people get longer, better quality sleep. After earning a degree in biology and psychology from Rutgers University and a DDS from NYU College of Dentistry, Dr. Weisfogel founded Old Bridge Dental Care. While his dental services were leading to him being awarded the ‘Best Dentist’ title numerous times, he was also successfully treating patients with sleep problems. He created the Healthy Heart Sleep program to teach other medical professionals what he had learned.

In 2012, Dr. Weisfogel founded Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient. Through it he collaborates with dental professionals and other experts and teaches effective ways to care for sleep patients. Dr. Weisfogel’s latest endeavor is the organization Dental Sleep Masters. Through this vehicle he brings together dentistry and sleep disorders and shares oral appliances he has discovered can be helpful in treating sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.

The Growth of Waiakea Water

Waiakea Bottled Water is one of the fastest-growing companies in America, ranked 414 among the fastest-growing companies on the Inc, 5000 list. The company was founded in 2012 as Hawaii’s first volcanic water brand. The mission of the company is to provide healthy water for people that are all natural in its purity and healthful benefits.

The water comes from the snowmelt and rainwater that runs down from the peak of the Mauna Loa volcano. The water is filtered through lava that is porous lava rock that inputs the proper minerals and making it naturally alkaline. This process also gives the Waiakea water a distinctive taste that is delicious.

The Waiakea Bottled water company is the first American bottled water company to be awarded a carbon neutral certification. This gives Waiakea bottled water the honor of being the greenest and healthiest premium bottled water in the world.

Many of the bottled water companies that have been promoting their water as “natural” simply rebottle water that is derived from other municipalities all over the United States. If people read the labels on bottled water closely they will discover that this is true. How can water be “natural” if it is simply being derived from a municipal water supply from a city? Waiakea Bottled Water is natural water in its purest form and is untainted by chemicals, harmful ingredients and other contaminating substances.

The Waiakea Bottled Water company set out from the beginning to set very high standards in the production of their product. They are always looking for a better way, and they have passed on their expertise to others all over the world. They work very closely with leading consultants in the emissions field to reduce the impact of water resourcing on environments in many diverse places on the planet.

Waiakea Bottled Water has also won numerous awards for their leadership in the industry and for their impact on environmental factors in a positive way. These awards include The 2015 Award for Food and Beverage Innovation, The Dujour Awards, The Best in Show for Water Gold, various packaging and taste awards.

José Henrique Borghi Provides Reliable Marketing and Advertising Solutions

José Henrique Borghi is a renowned advertising and marketing consultant. José Henrique Borghi has great expertise in creating advertising campaigns that reach a massive audience and present your product and your business in a positive light. His ad agency, Mullen Lowe, produces outstanding results for clients.

There are several benefits to hiring a good ad agency like Mullen Lowe. Once you give the agency an update on your product, service and business features, your marketing or promotional campaign goes into autopilot mode. The agency will create ad campaigns, content or messages, and start managing all the day-to-day tasks.

If you want to hire one of the most reliable ad agencies in Brazil, contact José Henrique Borghi right away. José Henrique Borghi runs a well established advertising agency in Brazil. His agency, Mullen Lowe, has a team of qualified advertising and marketing professionals. These professionals have been rendering top quality marketing and advertising services for years and are well versed in all aspects of the industry and more information click here.

When you contact José Henrique Borghi, he will have a detailed discussion with you and make recommendations. He will study your business to determine what’s working and what’s not working, in terms of marketing and promotional strategies you’re currently using and learn more about Jose Borghi.

José Henrique Borghi has catered to clients from a wide variety of industries, and he has the knowledge and experience to advise and guide you in the right direction. No matter the type of business you are running, José Henrique Borghi has the talent and industry connections to address your marketing and advertising needs successfully and Jose Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

José Henrique Borghi has helped numerous businesses achieve great results and he can help you, too. Just contact José Henrique Borghi and his team of highly knowledgeable and experienced advertising professionals and they can help you reach your goal.

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Securus helps secure correctional facilities

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of inmate calling services. It offers prepaid debit account services, phone service, video visitation and many other products designed to reduce crime and to make the jobs of corrections officers easier. It also does its best to make sure that its recording technologies help reduce the rate of crimes committed by inmates confined to correctional institutions.


The company provides inmates with the tools they need to keep in touch with friends and family members, while never forgetting that the company serves two groups. It serves the inmates who need to keep in touch with people on the outside, and it also makes sure that corrections officers and law enforcement personnel have as many tools as possible to help fight and prevent crime.


The company culture, all the way from the CEO down to the newest employee is dedicated on developing and improving the technology used in correctional facilities. Many prisons and jails, especially older prisons and jails, suffer from outdated and facilities and technology. Upgrading the technology increases the safety and the security of the facility. It also makes it easier for law enforcement personnel to do their job. Researchers and engineers work together with law enforcement personnel to produce new solutions.


Why Traveling Vineyard Is A Flexible Way To Supplement Your Income

If you’re looking for a work from home opportunity to supplement your income or a flexible career that allows you to schedule your day, try Traveling Vineyard.

Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales company that is also a member of the Direct Selling Association. The company gives wine lovers a rare opportunity to share their wine drinking and tasting experiences with other wine lovers as they make money. With over 5,000 wine lovers across the country, Traveling Vineyard has enabled people to discover the satisfaction, flexibility and financial reward that comes from sharing and educating wine lovers about rare-tasting wines.

How it works
There are no requirements to purchase inventory or unattainable sales quotas to meet for all the wine guides from various states. The joining process is pretty simple: you make an application to join as a member, purchase a Success Kit and start interacting with the world of wine lovers as you earn a living in the process.

The Success Kit comes with loads of learning materials, brochures and other wine accessories such as decanters, beautiful wine bags and wine glasses. Through training and support from leaders in your state or area, you’ll learn everything you need to know including but not limited to how to set out on your own and build a client base.

Why choose Traveling Vineyard
Traveling Vineyard has done a lot in ensuring that various types of wines have been demystified and made less stuffy by using wine guides and in-home tastings. The expert winemakers of Traveling Vineyard blend various grades of grapes from all over the world to come up with perfectly blended wines.

Since most wine lovers prefer Traveling Vineyard wines, you won’t have an issue approaching prospects and nurturing clientele. Regardless of whether it’s through the Sommology or Wine Club, Traveling Vineyard endeavors to provide wine lovers quality, unique and affordable wine sipping experiences that they can never forget.

Once you make your initial investment of two wine tasting sets of $75 each for two parties, you’ll start earning as you sell your sets without the need of investing again. You can increase your earnings by inviting friends to join your team of Traveling Vineyard wine guides in your area.

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JHM Development’s Exemplary Work to Transform Historical Buildings

Jason Halpern is a very determined man whenever it comes to his dreams. He is always focused towards fulfilling his dreams. Jason Halpern started helping his father with the family business which he has now acquired. He has turned this business into one of the top notch businesses in the field of real estate. JMH Development has been part of the family business for almost two generations. When Jason decided to become the managing partner of the business, JHM Development’s growth increased too many folds and adopted the new trends in real estate. It makes a property that is according to new demands and styles and can stand the test of the time. This is the reason behind the success of the company. This company was established fifty years ago and has contributed to the formation of some of the most iconic properties in and around New York. The company carries out many of its projects in the Westchester County area located inside the city.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

JMH Development has contributed to over one million square feet worth space in New York. This area mostly contains residential properties and commercial office spaces. The company has always provided its customers with quality estates keeping in mind their demands and needs.

Jason being the managing partner of the firm has been the guiding light for its workers to produce some iconic property and its workers have been successful in producing magnificent works in the construction of houses. In 2014, Jason got famous with his latest project of renovation of a heritage building. He was asked to turn it into a luxury five-star hotel, and he didn’t disappoint his client. The hotel will be opened later this year in Miami which has occupied a vast area. The hotel has more than a hundred rooms.

Jason’s Own Time

Jason is fond of working with historical sites. He is eager to renovate historical buildings and transform them into an amazing structure. He has a dream of preserving the old heritage, and he pursues his dream by transforming them into different architectural buildings. Jason has also donated a lot of his money to charity as he wants to help the poor people of the society.

Orange Coast College the Rowing Champions

Rowing is one of the remaining sports associated with the amateur. The Orange Coast College was one of the competitors of the 12th national title. The nationals were held at Lake Lanier. The students at Orange County School are competitive and believe in winning. The 22-year-old Daniel Amado is the captain. He had a disk break that made him be out of the game temporally. It was a delight for him to get back to the sport early this year. He says that rowing does not only make one keen to bounce back, it also prepares a person physically and mentally to overcome anything.


The coach of the Orange Coast College rowing men’s team is known as Steve Morris. Just like all other people who row, the sport is his passion. He believes that the sport has an aesthetic effect. He is a former student at this college and was a member of the then rowing team serving as a coxswain. A coxswain is believed to be the brain that managed the oars. He sits at the back of the boats and yells commands to the rowers, sculling noise and drowning out the wind.


The Orange Coast College has a boathouse that is known as the David. A. Grant Collegiate Rowing Center. The boathouse is located in Newport Harbor. On getting to the center, one is approached by gleaming boats that are stacked neatly. Their walls are decorated with national flags and photos of previous teams. The Orange Coast College has won 11 national titles with the latest one being last year. About 10 students from the school have gone to participate in the Olympics and also at the world championship. The college considers Rowing as a serious sport.


Orange Coast College was founded in the year 1947 and has grown to become one of the best community colleges in the nation. In each semester, over 25,000 students enroll in the college. The college encompasses the latest technology in learning and has exceptional facilities. It offers over 135 career and academic programs. The college is located in Costa Mesa minutes from the beaches in Southern California.


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Focus on OSI Group President David McDonald

Recently, David McDonald, the president of OSI Group spoke about the vision and future aspirations of the company. He stated that when he joined the company about 30 years ago, he saw the incredible aspiration for growth it had back then and the same remains vibrant up to now. OSI Group aims at becoming the premier international food provider to top branded companies.

Company Culture

From the past, OSI Group has grown through a number of formal partnerships. The group has developed a culture of making the most suitable management decisions, which were made with the customers in mind in all the product categories or regions it operates in. This has seen the OSI Group become a comfortable and logical buyer of most of the partners that have since exited. The group enjoys the benefits of being global and of scale, which has allowed it to have a global network especially in worldwide sourcing and what David knows.

On OSI Group’s Sustainability

David McDonald touched on the various adaptation plans OSI Group is taking in preparation of the changes currently taking place in the world. He revealed that OSI Group is monitoring all the changes taking place in as far as consumers are concerned and their needs. The group moves quickly in adopting the changes in order to gain a competitive advantage over its competition and those that are slow to adapt. He noted that consumer trends are presently determined by actual origin, traceability, the methods used to raise animals, processes, ingredients and labels. These changes make the industry interesting, challenging and exciting according to David and more information click here.

About David McDonald

McDonald graduated from the Iowa State University with an Animal Science degree. He is presently the chief operating officer and president of OSI Group LLC. He has previously served in the position of project manager at OSI Industries. He also doubles up as the chair of the North American Meat Institute. He once worked as an autonomous director for Marfig Global Foods S.A. from December 2008, after OSI Group’s operations in both Brazil and Europe had been acquired by the company. He sits at the board of directors of the OSI Group as a member as well as serves as a director at OSI International Foods (Australia) Limited.

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Sweetgreen Bringing Positive Change to Georgetown

When Nathaniel Ru, Jonathan Neman, and Nicolas Jammet noticed that Georgetown area did not have a healthy eating option, they started the Sweetgreen. It is a restaurant that prepares only healthy, fresh, organic and local food ( The chain of restaurants in forty different locations, Los Angeles offices being the most recent, aim at feeding more people better food. Nathaniel Ru, a co-CEO said that what they want is to create a brand that stands for something big. He also noted that they have always valued technology in their business. Thirty percent of their transactions are made through the Sweetgreen’s mobile app or website. Learn more:


Another surprising fact about Sweetgreen Restaurants is it does not have a headquarters. The three partners do not believe in the big corporate headquarters. Their management strategy is closing the corporate offices so that everyone can get a chance to work at the restaurant. This also ensures that they are close to their customers. Nevertheless, Sweetgreen is admired by most legacy restaurants and if given another chance, they would want to look like them.


Founding Sweetgreen

The co-founders were together in an entrepreneur class at the Georgetown University. All their parents are entrepreneurs and first-generation immigrants. They had so much in common and that brought them together to start their first restaurant in August 2007 after graduating. After winter break, the three partners were sure their business would survive as there were no students yet the eatery was not affected. According to Ru, it was hard for them to let go of some work that they were doing before forming their team. They learned that to avoid that, it is important to build the team sooner before you get too attached. Learn more:


About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru graduated from the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Finance. Apart from being a co-founder and co-CEO of Sweetgreen, he is also the principal of WTLF Ventures. Currently, he has made four personal investments in Bond-street, LOLA, MeUndie, and EatPops.


In 2010, Nathaniel Ru and his partners launched a food and music festival, sweet life that attracted over twenty thousand people. Mr. Ru’s favorite restaurant other than Sweetgreen is Johnny Monis’ Little Serow, and if he was to advise his twenty-year-old self, he would suggest reading more books. Kevin Plank is his role model CEO, Nathaniel Ru admires what he has done with his company, Under Armour; he says that the company stands for something bigger than itself. Learn more: