Why Traveling Vineyard Is A Flexible Way To Supplement Your Income

If you’re looking for a work from home opportunity to supplement your income or a flexible career that allows you to schedule your day, try Traveling Vineyard.

Traveling Vineyard is a direct sales company that is also a member of the Direct Selling Association. The company gives wine lovers a rare opportunity to share their wine drinking and tasting experiences with other wine lovers as they make money. With over 5,000 wine lovers across the country, Traveling Vineyard has enabled people to discover the satisfaction, flexibility and financial reward that comes from sharing and educating wine lovers about rare-tasting wines.

How it works
There are no requirements to purchase inventory or unattainable sales quotas to meet for all the wine guides from various states. The joining process is pretty simple: you make an application to join as a member, purchase a Success Kit and start interacting with the world of wine lovers as you earn a living in the process.

The Success Kit comes with loads of learning materials, brochures and other wine accessories such as decanters, beautiful wine bags and wine glasses. Through training and support from leaders in your state or area, you’ll learn everything you need to know including but not limited to how to set out on your own and build a client base.

Why choose Traveling Vineyard
Traveling Vineyard has done a lot in ensuring that various types of wines have been demystified and made less stuffy by using wine guides and in-home tastings. The expert winemakers of Traveling Vineyard blend various grades of grapes from all over the world to come up with perfectly blended wines.

Since most wine lovers prefer Traveling Vineyard wines, you won’t have an issue approaching prospects and nurturing clientele. Regardless of whether it’s through the Sommology or Wine Club, Traveling Vineyard endeavors to provide wine lovers quality, unique and affordable wine sipping experiences that they can never forget.

Once you make your initial investment of two wine tasting sets of $75 each for two parties, you’ll start earning as you sell your sets without the need of investing again. You can increase your earnings by inviting friends to join your team of Traveling Vineyard wine guides in your area.

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