The Future of Educational Success

Securus Technologies is a relatively well known and highly respected communications technology corporation. The company itself has moved away from the conventions of other similar business models and have chosen to focus their attention on meeting the communication needs of inmates currently residing within the prison system. These customers are often overlooked by other technology providers as they are identified as being generally untrustworthy and at an income level that would make other companies turn the other way. Instead of ignoring these potential customers, Securus Technologies has embraced them and as a result has become a profitable corporation as well as a customer-driven hub. The technology they produce for their customers is primarily centered on solutions for how to bridge the gap between inmates and their family members, although now the company also realizes that eventually their customers will be returning home and will need skills they can use to become valuable members of society.


In order to meet this future need, Securus technologies, through one of their upcoming initiatives, is devising a method to provide their customer base with educational opportunities. By providing both technological innovations and physical education environments for inmates Securus is going to do its best to see an increase in degrees obtained and as a result, jobs received when their customers are able to finally return home.


This initiative, like any other, will not be free to produce, meaning that Securus Technologies must really care for the people who they are created to support. This identifies the company not only as a chief communications producer but also as a humanitarian organization as well. If you are interested in finding out more about these future innovations please feel free to click on the following link and read the list of plans yourself.




Securus helps secure correctional facilities

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of inmate calling services. It offers prepaid debit account services, phone service, video visitation and many other products designed to reduce crime and to make the jobs of corrections officers easier. It also does its best to make sure that its recording technologies help reduce the rate of crimes committed by inmates confined to correctional institutions.


The company provides inmates with the tools they need to keep in touch with friends and family members, while never forgetting that the company serves two groups. It serves the inmates who need to keep in touch with people on the outside, and it also makes sure that corrections officers and law enforcement personnel have as many tools as possible to help fight and prevent crime.


The company culture, all the way from the CEO down to the newest employee is dedicated on developing and improving the technology used in correctional facilities. Many prisons and jails, especially older prisons and jails, suffer from outdated and facilities and technology. Upgrading the technology increases the safety and the security of the facility. It also makes it easier for law enforcement personnel to do their job. Researchers and engineers work together with law enforcement personnel to produce new solutions.


Securus Technologies Helping Officers Make City Safer

In order to get dangerous criminals off the streets to make a city safer, officers rely on information from a number of sources. When we are unable to get help from the public, then we have to rely on our skills and years experience to try and get a read on suspects. We had a very difficult situation on our hands as a fugitive was committing crimes that were escalating in danger and putting the entire community at risk.


Since we knew who the suspect was, all we did at first was tail his family and friends and try to get anyone to talk. His network of close friends and family were hiding him good, and frustrating law enforcement any chance they could. We would arrive at his parent’s house minutes after he left, and this played out week after week.


On my visit to the prison to see if anyone would talk, the team of corrections officers notified me I may want to check out the new inmate call monitoring system installed by Securus Technologies. This company is world-renowned as the leader in monitoring systems, and CEO Rick Smith says his company is committed to making the world safe for us all. This Dallas-based company was the key to making my job much easier.


I decided to dive into the LBS software to see for myself because none of the inmates would talk to me, so maybe they were talking among themselves. Within hours of my training, we got an alert that there was chatter concerning an inmate and his cousins outside of town who were in the process of storing a package until the heat cooled down. No sooner did he inquire about the package condition, we dispatched a team to the location and found our fugitive hiding in a closet.