A Small Organization, End Citizens United Takes on the Powerful Washington DC Insiders

Big corporations and some wealthy people have effectively hijacked the constitutional process. Powerful lobbyists have bought their way up the annals of government. And, this has come as a detriment to the regular citizens. There’s a certain group, however, determined to fight back the power brokers who get to do and say as they well, please. No one dares ask a question if a company owned by one of the élite donors accidentally happens to cause an accidental oil spill in the middle of the ocean. And, we know what damage and devastation suck spills end up doing to the fragile marine eco-system and environment.


Amounts Raised in 2016


Now, there’s finally a reformist watchdog which has the sure makings of changing that distasteful trend once and for all. It goes by the name, End Citizens United. You could think of it as a Democratic-leaning PAC. The Pac got founded a few years back but surprisingly, it is now reporting that it estimates to raise $35 million dollars by the December 2015. So far, the organization has succeeded in pooling in $4 million dollars from well-wishers and sympathizer donors. But then again, the company has a solid reputation of delivering stellar results and outcomes in their pursuits. How else would they one explain how a starter venture goes from obscurity to having a roster bearing the names of about 100K members in just two years? Two, how did this super PAC manage to raise $25M in funding for the Democratic Party in the heated 2016 U.S general elections?


Decisive Ruling


The overarching agenda of the outlet is to raise funds to mobilize and campaign for elected officials who don’t agree with the Republicans. The latter are in favor of having no legislation and regulations about the amounts of money given out to candidates running for elective office. That is actually, where the bone of contention arose first: In 2015 the U.S Supreme Court made a divisive ruling that forever changed the political landscape. It was this particular ruling which inspired the name of the reform watchdog corporation, End Citizens United, in the first place.


Remarkable Solution


Moving on. The group gets ran by experts who’ve worked with campaign teams and therefore, they know all the right people in the inner workings of the political realm. A huge advantage when lobbying up support for a preferred partner running for a vacant congressional seat in a particular state. The group works on an open and transparent premise which dictates that no one donor should dole out more than five thousand dollars to their campaign. The latter move by End Citizens United has proven to be a remarkable deterrent against any one person wanting to manipulate the will of the people because they donated $100 million.