Jorge Moll Iconic success in health care

The prominent Brazilian doctor and business expert Jorge Moll is the man behind the establishment of the imaging and diagnostics laboratories available to most hospitals across Brazil. Despite that complexities and scandals that he has been involved in, Moll has been succeeding in his business and career (

Jorge Moll owns most of the hospitals in Brazil and apparently, his foundation at Rede D’or establishes and equips laboratories in all the hospitals and research across Rio de Janeiro. Jorge Moll has managed to incorporate the health care sector and different entrepreneurial firms, an endeavor that is greatly boosting the economy of Brazil. Moll’s success in both the entrepreneurial and the health sector has been necessitated by the use of contemporary technology. Through technology, the hospitals have been able to provide excellent customer delivery services.

It should be understood that the recent innovations in the health informatics have resulted in massive changes in the healthcare sector. As a result, Jorge moll has utilized the relevant entrepreneurial norms while carrying out scientific research to ensure that quality and efficiency come before the profits.

Most importantly, Moll is a philanthropist and is even supporting other organizations in creating awareness of the importance of a reliable, viable and successful healthcare sector in Brazil (Loop.frontiersin). Therefore Moll is not only profit oriented, but also concerned about the needs of his community. Apparently, he is promoting healthcare informatics by educating the masses as well the healthcare institutions on how to enhance their services.

Moll’s participation in the healthcare sector has greatly boosted positive interactions and coordination between the health facilities and the relevant entrepreneurial companies. Moll’s approach to health care continues to enhance productivity in the healthcare settings within Brazil. Moreover, the incorporation of entrepreneurial norms has enhanced the operations standards as well as costs his medical institutions are proving to be better than the competitors with each passing day. Ostensibly Jorge moll is a game changer in Brazil’s health sector as well as the field of entrepreneurship. He has proven that corporate social responsibility is the most important entity that any business can give back to the society.

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The Growth of Waiakea Water

Waiakea Bottled Water is one of the fastest-growing companies in America, ranked 414 among the fastest-growing companies on the Inc, 5000 list. The company was founded in 2012 as Hawaii’s first volcanic water brand. The mission of the company is to provide healthy water for people that are all natural in its purity and healthful benefits.

The water comes from the snowmelt and rainwater that runs down from the peak of the Mauna Loa volcano. The water is filtered through lava that is porous lava rock that inputs the proper minerals and making it naturally alkaline. This process also gives the Waiakea water a distinctive taste that is delicious.

The Waiakea Bottled water company is the first American bottled water company to be awarded a carbon neutral certification. This gives Waiakea bottled water the honor of being the greenest and healthiest premium bottled water in the world.

Many of the bottled water companies that have been promoting their water as “natural” simply rebottle water that is derived from other municipalities all over the United States. If people read the labels on bottled water closely they will discover that this is true. How can water be “natural” if it is simply being derived from a municipal water supply from a city? Waiakea Bottled Water is natural water in its purest form and is untainted by chemicals, harmful ingredients and other contaminating substances.

The Waiakea Bottled Water company set out from the beginning to set very high standards in the production of their product. They are always looking for a better way, and they have passed on their expertise to others all over the world. They work very closely with leading consultants in the emissions field to reduce the impact of water resourcing on environments in many diverse places on the planet.

Waiakea Bottled Water has also won numerous awards for their leadership in the industry and for their impact on environmental factors in a positive way. These awards include The 2015 Award for Food and Beverage Innovation, The Dujour Awards, The Best in Show for Water Gold, various packaging and taste awards.