Stream Energy Promotes Women in Power

Stream Energy is shaking things up in the energy market. A direct sales company known for their innovation in the industry, they have grown rapidly in recent years. And for the past four years, they have put on an event that empowers women in their organization and others.


Women of Power is a yearly retreat that offers female associates the opportunity to improve themselves. The company hosts a retreat at their offices in Dallas where the associates are able to receive instruction on having more confidence, starting businesses, and general success principles.


This year, the theme was “Shine.” This refers to bringing out unique qualities about the individual that can help them be more confident and truly be a woman of power. The goal is also to spread this attitude to other women in the world.


A variety of topics are covered in these retreats (BizJournals). For example, there is a course on “How to Be Your Own Boss”, personal branding, and mindfulness training. The company spokesperson said that through these training modules and meeting with mentors, many women are able to leave with a renewed sense of self-worth and confidence.


Stream Energy is a company founded in 2005 based in Dallas, Texas ( The company offers a variety of connected life services like wireless, protection, home, and energy solutions. The company has achieved a milestone of $8 billion in revenue in its twelve years of existence. Its innovative approach to direct selling has to lead to it rising to be one of the best in the energy market.


The company is expanding every day, with locations and services nationwide. Special services are available in Texas, Illinois, Washington, D.C., Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania. By utilizing direct sales, the company is able to meet customers demands who are busy while also cutting costs.