Greg Aziz Helps Railways Go Green

The Canadian company, National Steel Car, rose to prominence due to the work of Gregory James Aziz. This Chief Executive Officer served his company so well that they promoted him to the Chairman of the Board. His skills in business were so legendary, that National Industries approached him in a bid to get him to sit on their board as well.


Greg James Aziz is a native of Canada and grew up in Hamilton, Ontario. He loved this place so much that when he became CEO, he moved the headquarters of National Steel Car to the city of Hamilton.


Greg Aziz enrolled at Western University where he would learn the necessary lessons to run a successful business. These lessons are what allowed him to take National Steel Car to the next level. It was because of his hard work that National Steel Car recently held a celebration ceremony in honor of its Centennial year in business.

When Gregory James Aziz took over the CEO office for National Steel Car, he realized that National Steel Car had stopped innovating. He knew that a company that would not constantly challenge to grow themselves was a company that was doomed to failure.


Gregory James Aziz met with the movers and shakers of the company and began to instill in them a vision of excellence. This vision led them to create such an efficient model of business that they became unrivaled in the rail industry. As the company continued to innovate and create new custom rail cars, they became the top choice for the United States of America.

National Steel Car recently held a ceremony to honor their Centennial birthday. Past CEOs were invited to give short speeches and encourage National Steel Car to keep looking to the future. Gregory James Aziz took to the podium with a standing ovation. He took the time to thank suppliers, customers, executives, and his workforce for their continued commitment to making National Steel Car the main brand in railway manufacturing. Visit This Page for more information.


Gregory James Aziz is also known for his work with the environment. During a time when going green was not popular, Gregory James Aziz worked with the Canadian Parliament to help the rail industry meet stricter regulations. Through his innovation and commitment, he was able to lower carbon emission output on railcars by 90% and consume 55% less water. This allowed the industry to go green.

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