Stream Energy Promotes Women in Power

Stream Energy is shaking things up in the energy market. A direct sales company known for their innovation in the industry, they have grown rapidly in recent years. And for the past four years, they have put on an event that empowers women in their organization and others.


Women of Power is a yearly retreat that offers female associates the opportunity to improve themselves. The company hosts a retreat at their offices in Dallas where the associates are able to receive instruction on having more confidence, starting businesses, and general success principles.


This year, the theme was “Shine.” This refers to bringing out unique qualities about the individual that can help them be more confident and truly be a woman of power. The goal is also to spread this attitude to other women in the world.


A variety of topics are covered in these retreats (BizJournals). For example, there is a course on “How to Be Your Own Boss”, personal branding, and mindfulness training. The company spokesperson said that through these training modules and meeting with mentors, many women are able to leave with a renewed sense of self-worth and confidence.


Stream Energy is a company founded in 2005 based in Dallas, Texas ( The company offers a variety of connected life services like wireless, protection, home, and energy solutions. The company has achieved a milestone of $8 billion in revenue in its twelve years of existence. Its innovative approach to direct selling has to lead to it rising to be one of the best in the energy market.


The company is expanding every day, with locations and services nationwide. Special services are available in Texas, Illinois, Washington, D.C., Maryland, New York, and Pennsylvania. By utilizing direct sales, the company is able to meet customers demands who are busy while also cutting costs.

Jorge Moll Iconic success in health care

The prominent Brazilian doctor and business expert Jorge Moll is the man behind the establishment of the imaging and diagnostics laboratories available to most hospitals across Brazil. Despite that complexities and scandals that he has been involved in, Moll has been succeeding in his business and career (

Jorge Moll owns most of the hospitals in Brazil and apparently, his foundation at Rede D’or establishes and equips laboratories in all the hospitals and research across Rio de Janeiro. Jorge Moll has managed to incorporate the health care sector and different entrepreneurial firms, an endeavor that is greatly boosting the economy of Brazil. Moll’s success in both the entrepreneurial and the health sector has been necessitated by the use of contemporary technology. Through technology, the hospitals have been able to provide excellent customer delivery services.

It should be understood that the recent innovations in the health informatics have resulted in massive changes in the healthcare sector. As a result, Jorge moll has utilized the relevant entrepreneurial norms while carrying out scientific research to ensure that quality and efficiency come before the profits.

Most importantly, Moll is a philanthropist and is even supporting other organizations in creating awareness of the importance of a reliable, viable and successful healthcare sector in Brazil (Loop.frontiersin). Therefore Moll is not only profit oriented, but also concerned about the needs of his community. Apparently, he is promoting healthcare informatics by educating the masses as well the healthcare institutions on how to enhance their services.

Moll’s participation in the healthcare sector has greatly boosted positive interactions and coordination between the health facilities and the relevant entrepreneurial companies. Moll’s approach to health care continues to enhance productivity in the healthcare settings within Brazil. Moreover, the incorporation of entrepreneurial norms has enhanced the operations standards as well as costs his medical institutions are proving to be better than the competitors with each passing day. Ostensibly Jorge moll is a game changer in Brazil’s health sector as well as the field of entrepreneurship. He has proven that corporate social responsibility is the most important entity that any business can give back to the society.

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The Great Business Lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein

Jeremy is a reputable business lawyer who provides insightful legal advice in the management of companies. He is the founder of ‘Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates, LLC.’ Jeremy’s over 15-years of experience as a business lawyer in providing significant roles in major transactions that involve top companies such as Duke Energy has earned him great reputation forcing corporations to turn to him for legal advice concerning employee benefits. This is due to the great influence that shareholders activists have in today’s environment in the corporate business. These companies have to review their compensation programs to ensure that they take into account the effects of the shareholder activists’ wave of current.


Most firms opt to stop providing employees with stock options in order to save money. This is due to three major problems that include; the probability of significant drop of stock value that may hinder employees exercising options, many employees becoming wary of the compensation method, and the considerable accounting burdens. The compensation method, however, provides equivalent value to all employees, boosting individual earnings in case of the rise of the corporation’s share values.


Jeremy advice firms to adopt the right strategy and embrace a “knockout” barrier option so that the companies can continue to award employees options while at the same time get the benefits and cuts on the costs. The “knockout” mechanism assist firms to lower the initial accounting costs if a company’s stock is comparatively volatile. By this, stockholders’ worries on shrinking ownership shares are reduced. The knockout clauses that result in compensation figures being lower, looks better for shareholders. Many of the biggest hindrances associated with stock-based compensation are eliminated even though the knockout option is not providing solutions to all problems.


Jeremy has independently established a law firm in New York and is now serving as a board member of Fountain House-a prestigious law journal and nonprofit firm. His professional explanations on knockout options have helped many employers in the company management affairs.


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The Success of Jason Hope as an Entrepreneur

Born and brought up in Tempe, Jason Hope is an Arizona native. He attended the Arizona State University where he managed to acquire his Bachelor’s degree in Finance. Jason also graduated from the ASU’s WP Carey School of Business with a MBA. When it comes to technology, Jason is known to be very passionate and he believes that the Internet of Things has brought a lot of innovations in the business world. Jason Hope attributes part of the success that he has acquired over the years to hard work, discipline and also his extensive educational background. His entire life has been spent undertaking technology and studying the current technology advancements.

Top 3 legal issues of 3D Printing! #IoT @GiulioCoraggio

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 1, 2016

Apart from being a very successful entrepreneur, Jason Hope is also a futurist and very actively involved in philanthropic activities. He is very passionate about giving back and believes that one should contribute to the local community that they come from. Jason Hope is also known to have outstanding management skills which he has earned over the years. He is involved with the SENS Foundation which he serves as one of the members. The foundation is focused on developing new solutions that are related to anti-aging. The foundation is also known to incorporate technology in coming up with their anti-aging solutions.

Since Jason Hope is a futurist, he is always excited about learning the transformations that the society can achieve through the Internet of Things. According to Jason, Internet of Things can be used to bring modernity to the way of living. After graduating, Jason Hope immediately started experimenting with mobile technology and this led to the creation of Jawa. This is a company which works alongside the mobile communications field. The specialty of Jason Hope is in developing mobile software, and also innovating systems with the help of technology. He has been serving as a mentor and role model to the young people in Arizona and also in the entire country when it comes to entrepreneurship, and his Facebook.

Jason Hope is also interested in Politics in his region of Arizona. According to him, it is crucial for the political environment to stay stable in order for businesses to thrive. Jason says that people can now succeed through online marketing due to the networking that comes with it. He states that the future looks bright with the Internet of Things and that all entrepreneurs and business people should take advantage of that, and learn more about Jason Hope.

Adam Milstein’s Mission Of Philanthropy

Sometimes, a philanthropist has to figure out the purpose behind his philanthropy. While it is good enough to not have that big of a mission in philanthropy, it is the person who has a plan that is going to be very effective in his philanthropy. One example of someone with such a plan is Adam Milstein. His whole passion is philanthropy. This is the one reason that Adam Milstein is so effective at providing people with everything that is going to be beneficial to them. His passion enables him to provide people with resources and even motivate them by speaking on issues, and more information click here.

In order to be a help people, Adam Milstein has decided to take part in investing. Investments is one of the best ways to earn money. In order to make the investments profitably, it is important to have the necessary knowledge about the market. Adam Milstein has definitely gotten the needed education on the products that he is going to invest in in the real estate market. He has used the profits that he has gained from real estate investing in order to use it towards philanthropy. As a matter of fact, his investment activities was part of a mission to strengthen his people so that they will be able to meet their daily challenges, and Adam Milstein’s lacrosse camp.

Adam Milstein is very passionate about being an advocate of his own people. Adam Milstein wants to strengthen his Jewish community and bring even greater health to the Jewish state. His involvement in the lives of others is what makes him one of the most influential Jews in throughout the globe. He does not seek out his own glory. Instead, he seeks to serve others and help them find fulfillment in the service of others. Adam Milstein is aware that he can say things, but it is the example he sets that people are looking at, and Adam on Facebook.

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