JHM Development’s Exemplary Work to Transform Historical Buildings

Jason Halpern is a very determined man whenever it comes to his dreams. He is always focused towards fulfilling his dreams. Jason Halpern started helping his father with the family business which he has now acquired. He has turned this business into one of the top notch businesses in the field of real estate. JMH Development has been part of the family business for almost two generations. When Jason decided to become the managing partner of the business, JHM Development’s growth increased too many folds and adopted the new trends in real estate. It makes a property that is according to new demands and styles and can stand the test of the time. This is the reason behind the success of the company. This company was established fifty years ago and has contributed to the formation of some of the most iconic properties in and around New York. The company carries out many of its projects in the Westchester County area located inside the city.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

JMH Development has contributed to over one million square feet worth space in New York. This area mostly contains residential properties and commercial office spaces. The company has always provided its customers with quality estates keeping in mind their demands and needs.

Jason being the managing partner of the firm has been the guiding light for its workers to produce some iconic property and its workers have been successful in producing magnificent works in the construction of houses. In 2014, Jason got famous with his latest project of renovation of a heritage building. He was asked to turn it into a luxury five-star hotel, and he didn’t disappoint his client. The hotel will be opened later this year in Miami which has occupied a vast area. The hotel has more than a hundred rooms.

Jason’s Own Time

Jason is fond of working with historical sites. He is eager to renovate historical buildings and transform them into an amazing structure. He has a dream of preserving the old heritage, and he pursues his dream by transforming them into different architectural buildings. Jason has also donated a lot of his money to charity as he wants to help the poor people of the society.

Orange Coast College the Rowing Champions

Rowing is one of the remaining sports associated with the amateur. The Orange Coast College was one of the competitors of the 12th national title. The nationals were held at Lake Lanier. The students at Orange County School are competitive and believe in winning. The 22-year-old Daniel Amado is the captain. He had a disk break that made him be out of the game temporally. It was a delight for him to get back to the sport early this year. He says that rowing does not only make one keen to bounce back, it also prepares a person physically and mentally to overcome anything.


The coach of the Orange Coast College rowing men’s team is known as Steve Morris. Just like all other people who row, the sport is his passion. He believes that the sport has an aesthetic effect. He is a former student at this college and was a member of the then rowing team serving as a coxswain. A coxswain is believed to be the brain that managed the oars. He sits at the back of the boats and yells commands to the rowers, sculling noise and drowning out the wind.


The Orange Coast College has a boathouse that is known as the David. A. Grant Collegiate Rowing Center. The boathouse is located in Newport Harbor. On getting to the center, one is approached by gleaming boats that are stacked neatly. Their walls are decorated with national flags and photos of previous teams. The Orange Coast College has won 11 national titles with the latest one being last year. About 10 students from the school have gone to participate in the Olympics and also at the world championship. The college considers Rowing as a serious sport.


Orange Coast College was founded in the year 1947 and has grown to become one of the best community colleges in the nation. In each semester, over 25,000 students enroll in the college. The college encompasses the latest technology in learning and has exceptional facilities. It offers over 135 career and academic programs. The college is located in Costa Mesa minutes from the beaches in Southern California.


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