Securus Technologies Helping Officers Make City Safer

In order to get dangerous criminals off the streets to make a city safer, officers rely on information from a number of sources. When we are unable to get help from the public, then we have to rely on our skills and years experience to try and get a read on suspects. We had a very difficult situation on our hands as a fugitive was committing crimes that were escalating in danger and putting the entire community at risk.


Since we knew who the suspect was, all we did at first was tail his family and friends and try to get anyone to talk. His network of close friends and family were hiding him good, and frustrating law enforcement any chance they could. We would arrive at his parent’s house minutes after he left, and this played out week after week.


On my visit to the prison to see if anyone would talk, the team of corrections officers notified me I may want to check out the new inmate call monitoring system installed by Securus Technologies. This company is world-renowned as the leader in monitoring systems, and CEO Rick Smith says his company is committed to making the world safe for us all. This Dallas-based company was the key to making my job much easier.


I decided to dive into the LBS software to see for myself because none of the inmates would talk to me, so maybe they were talking among themselves. Within hours of my training, we got an alert that there was chatter concerning an inmate and his cousins outside of town who were in the process of storing a package until the heat cooled down. No sooner did he inquire about the package condition, we dispatched a team to the location and found our fugitive hiding in a closet.


OSI Group Charismatic Leader Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer and chairman of OSI Group. He also serves as the International Foods Ltd. President, a subsidiary of OSI Group. Lavin also served as National Fish & Wildlife Foundation director. His leadership experience further includes his role as Rush University Medical Center’s general trustee.

Sheldon Lavin career in the meat industry spans over four decades. Sheldon Lavin began his career as 1970 as an organizer of funding for Otto & Sons, the mother company of OSI Group. Otto & Sons rose to become hamburger supplier to McDonald in the Midwest region. The company requested Lavin to buy its shares becoming a partner after the retirement of Otto & Sons founder. Lavin tenure at OSI Group helped in the rapid expansion of the company leading to the opening of branches in Asia and Europe. He played an instrumental role in the diversification and expansion of OSI’s business to encompass the world resulting in the establishment of a global OSI culture. Currently, OSI is the largest global supplier to McDonald.

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Besides his business interests, Lavin is also a philanthropist. He is active in various charity organizations around the globe including Ronald McDonald House Charities as chairman. Lavin is also a member of Jewish United Fund, Inner City Foundation, and many similar Jewish charities.

Sheldon Lavin is an award winner of several prizes for his outstanding accomplishments at OSI Group and his global philanthropic work. Among the awards include the 2016 Global Visionary Award from Vision World Academy. The Award honors people who succeed after hard work and perseverance. Lavin received the Award as an appreciation for his turnaround achievement at OSI Group, which began as a domestically operational company to a multi-billion multinational corporation.

Sheldon Lavin awards include Lifetime Achievement Award in 2015 from RSM US LLP in recognition of his exemplary dedication to service and the business community of Chicago. Besides business awards, OSI received awards for its environmental sustainability programs under Lavin’s tenure. Lavin expresses his commitment to the responsible growth of OSI Group. He also prides in his service to the community through his charitable work.

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